Mocha Madness

Have you ever wondered how the delicious mocha syrup inside many of your favorite Starbucks drinks looks on a really nice white polo shirt? Well if this one of the many questions you ponder in life then I have an answer for you…after working a 9 hour shift with no break and no coverage my day at Starbucks was coming to a close when all of a sudden Mocha Madness ensued!

One of the closing tasks at Starbucks is to put out the next day’s syrups out for the opening crew and while fulfilling this task I was unaware of the mocha syrup that was making my white shirt it’s new home…
Needless to say this shirt is probably ruined and my next paycheck will go towards buying a new white work shirt. Lesson from the Mocha: Sometimes you just have to laugh =)

It’s Easter in Starbucks!

Lately work has been kind of stressful…a lot of people have moved and quit over the past few weeks which means myself and my co-workers have been picking up the slack (working long hours). Usually I am pretty good at balancing work, school, and homework but lately working a 30 hour work week, going to school full time, working at both a tv and radio station, and finding time to get tv projects done has been stressful. Yesterday was the fifth consecutive day for me to work over seven hours at at Starbucks. 1)It was a Monday so it was already a hard day, 2)I have a huge tv project due on Friday that is not done, and 3) I have a sleeping problem…I never get into my “rem” sleep so I was pretty exhausted. The day seemed like it was going to drag on until THE Easter Bunny came to visit!!! That’s right…THE EASTER BUNNY (One of the benefits of working in the mall). It pretty much made mine and my co-barista Ashley’s day and as she would say “You are never to old to stop liking the Easter Bunny.” So we decided to do what any other mature college-aged adults would do…we took a picture with it! I can honestly the rest of my day was smooth sailing after that! =)

Ashley and I with the Easter Bunny!


The Mall that Cried Wolf

So the mall that I work at has a problem…it randomly likes to have fire drills where all the of the customers and employees must leave and wait outside until it has been declared “safe” to re-enter the building. Anyone who does not abide by this policy is given a written notice and could face monetary fees. It has become a joke among mall employees as to when the next fire alarm is going to go off.

On Monday the girl who works next door to Starbucks at ALDO shoes came in. We were all talking about how it had been a while since the last fire alarm had gone off and how odd it was that it hadn’t happened recently. Not even a minute later the alarms started sounding and the recorded message of “Can I have your attention please. This is not a drill…” began to ramble it’s message. We shut the gates and had a little break from work in the parking lot for 30 minutes.

I love the people I work with so it didn’t bother be to be in the blazing sun for a half hour, but it was apparently getting on one of my co-workers nerves and she had to have a cigarette if she was going to be outside against her own will. My boss told her she needed to take off her hat and apron if she wanted to smoke. So she promptly put her uniform on me…

I think the dopio cinnamin dolce breve espresso is a nice touch (which is by the way quickly becoming my favorite wake-up drink).

30 minutes later we were back in the mall and back to business as usual. Although these drills can be a pain in the butt sometimes I didn’t mind it on Monday, because the alarm went off right as my ten minute break ended…which allowed me to have 40 minutes off from making drinks =)


So I’ve been trying to see what other people think about the new Trenta size Starbucks is offering.  A lot of people who get Venti size teas and coffees don’t order the 31 ounce drink because they say it is too big. I can understand this…I just put my waters at work in the Trenta cup and can barely finish it in a shift. So while searching the web for some commentary on anything interesting pertaining to my job I found this gentleman’s site and the information he illustrates left me starstruck…I almost wish I would have been smart enough to think to do such an experiment.

I laughed at this…not only because it is ridiculous how big the drink is but also that at the end when the man puts the straw in the with wine it reminded me of an adult juicebox almost 😉 The gentleman might not have to wait for a wine at his local Starbucks…the company has been talking about incorporating wine into it’s offering at selected stores at specified times (although I’m sure they won’t be offering the Trenta has a wine cooler size).


A Little Bit of History

So, as promised here is another video about Starbucks. This isn’t a funny one with a rap or a couple of kids joking around, this is a little bit more serious. As a Starbucks barista you are required to attend a class called the Starbucks Experience. At this class you watch a number of videos that detail the history, the type of coffee the company offers, the works of customer service, and so much more.

While browsing YouTube I was surprised to see that Starbucks has it’s own channel. I clicked on it and was surprised to see all of the videos I had to watch almost a year ago when I became an official barista! So sit back with a big cup of Joe and watch this quick movie about the history of Starbucks, a company I have grown to respect so much. =)

The Starbucks Rap…

This video is hilarious, but you would be surprised the amount of people that make up songs like this about Starbucks. We had “Guitar Mike” who had to get escorted out of the mall by security because he would bring his guitar to my Starbucks and just serenaded people (more like annoyed people) with the music he played. He said he was going to make up a song about Starbucks and then come back and sing it to us…but he has never returned. More Starbucks love through song…and maybe dance if I can find it online to come =)

Vitamin C at WUFT

Wednesdays are my not my favorite day. Every Wednesday I have to work a news shift for my TV 2 class. These shifts are very long and demanding and take up the whole day. Although there are times when I really enjoy working for a TV station days like today really wear on me, especially when I am battling a cold.

Today my producer sent me on a 45 minute drive to the worst road in Alachua County…County Road 231. This road is laden with pot holes and the erosion is absurd. I was photographer today so my job was to just shoot my reporters interviews and stand-up. We went and got footage of how bad the road was, knocked on ten people’s doors for an interview (which didn’t happen), and drove to two county representatives houses for interviews. Everything seemed to going great.

A movie trailer for “Sanctum” was also in Gainesville today that we were sent to cover as well. We got to meet the producer, get an interview with him, and got some awesome footage of the portable movie theater. Sounds like a cake walk right? WRONG!

As soon as my partner and I got back to the station and began editing our videos we realized that a short in one of the microphone wires had occurred and all of the interviews sounded like an alien was talking. I wanted to cry. I just spend ALL day doing two stories that now were ruined an hour before our news program.

I told my partner that I needed a  little break from the stress and ran to the Reitz Union to grab some coffee. On my way to Starbucks I realized how much my head hurt from the stress and sinus pressure and all I wanted was some orange juice. As soon as I got that OJ and just took a couple minutes to drink it before heading back to the station I felt a little bit of relief settle.

When I got back my partner and I tried to scrape together some kind of work for our newscast and luckily we did manage to get things done on time. Despite this, technical problems intervened and kept my whole days work from ever making it on the air. But luckily I am home drinking more orange juice with the hope that it will make me feel better by tomorrow…when my boyfriend and I go to the Magic v. Heat game…besides the OJ it’s the only thing that has kept me sane today! =)