The Coolest Classroom…Ever.

Downstairs in Weimer Hall at the University of Florida lies one of the coolest classrooms I’ve ever been in. This spacious room, known as the Center for Media Innovation and Research (CMRI) has MacBooks for every student, a huge front monitor, and a really big map of the world and it just overall awesome! I remember the first time I saw the CMRI last year.

I was struck by it’s appearance and then thought “Wow…I hope I can have a class in there someday,” and now here I am telling you about my experience in it! It’s a brand new classroom that opened in September of last year and was such a big accomplishment for the University of Florida that it even made it into the Student Alumni Association’s Annual Calendar (representing the month of December).

So…if you’re ever wondering through Weimer Hall and have a few minutes to spare. Head down to the basement and check out the CMRI…you won’t be disappointed! =)


Jerusalem Bombing, Lybia No-Fly Zone, and a Sex Sting…Just a Little Look Into My Life Today

Today I was given the opportunity to anchor the 12 o’clock newscast. It was my first time being an anchor and I can honestly say I loved every minute of it! I am having a hard time uploading my newscast video to my blog so for now I will just give you a little preview! 

I promise within the next 24 hours I will try and figure out another way to get the video on this blog! Until then you should stay informed with everything going on in our country and around the world…it’s getting pretty serious/scary!


Vitamin C at WUFT

Wednesdays are my not my favorite day. Every Wednesday I have to work a news shift for my TV 2 class. These shifts are very long and demanding and take up the whole day. Although there are times when I really enjoy working for a TV station days like today really wear on me, especially when I am battling a cold.

Today my producer sent me on a 45 minute drive to the worst road in Alachua County…County Road 231. This road is laden with pot holes and the erosion is absurd. I was photographer today so my job was to just shoot my reporters interviews and stand-up. We went and got footage of how bad the road was, knocked on ten people’s doors for an interview (which didn’t happen), and drove to two county representatives houses for interviews. Everything seemed to going great.

A movie trailer for “Sanctum” was also in Gainesville today that we were sent to cover as well. We got to meet the producer, get an interview with him, and got some awesome footage of the portable movie theater. Sounds like a cake walk right? WRONG!

As soon as my partner and I got back to the station and began editing our videos we realized that a short in one of the microphone wires had occurred and all of the interviews sounded like an alien was talking. I wanted to cry. I just spend ALL day doing two stories that now were ruined an hour before our news program.

I told my partner that I needed a  little break from the stress and ran to the Reitz Union to grab some coffee. On my way to Starbucks I realized how much my head hurt from the stress and sinus pressure and all I wanted was some orange juice. As soon as I got that OJ and just took a couple minutes to drink it before heading back to the station I felt a little bit of relief settle.

When I got back my partner and I tried to scrape together some kind of work for our newscast and luckily we did manage to get things done on time. Despite this, technical problems intervened and kept my whole days work from ever making it on the air. But luckily I am home drinking more orange juice with the hope that it will make me feel better by tomorrow…when my boyfriend and I go to the Magic v. Heat game…besides the OJ it’s the only thing that has kept me sane today! =)

Fresh Brewed Blog


While pondering what to write about on this blog page many questions crossed through my mind. What do I do on a regular basis? What do I find interesting? What is something I enjoy? After much thought I have come to the conclusion…my job!

I am a barista at a Starbucks and I love coffee! But to me my job is much more than serving someone a delicious cup of coffee. It’s taking those few seconds of interaction behind the bar and helping a customer escape from the everyday stresses of life by talking to a stranger with a smile on their face (aka me).

I have met so many people with amazing stories while donning my Starbucks uniform. Every time I come home from work I have a new story about someone I met at work or an interesting fact about Starbucks. What better way to tell the stories of my job than through a blog!?

So here it is…my Fresh Brewed Blog!