Like I said before so much has happened in my life over the past few months! I graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) in August. Walking across the stage at UF was so surreal! It had been a dream of mine for my entire life and I felt so accomplished to fulfill my dad’s legacy and make my family proud.

It's great to be a Florida Gator...Forever!

Once I graduated it was time to figure what to do with my life. I had spent the last few years up in Gainesville and while I LOVE it Gainesville is still a pretty small town and I was ready to experience living in an actual city. I have grown up and lived in the middle of nowhere my whole life so moving back home was out of the question. With my boyfriend, Jon’s acceptance into the University of Tampa’s business graduate program the deal was sealed and we were heading to Tampa!

View from our balcony

Tampa is a great city! There are a ton of opportunities to use my degree here. With a plethora of news stations, newspapers, and public relations firms the city is my oyster. Fortunately I have been given the chance to work in the field (literally) that excites me the most…Sports! I meet a wonderful mentor, Dave Reynolds. Dave is the Sports Director and Host of Our Team Sports. He and his team travel all around the state of Florida and do live broadcasts from the state’s top high school sports programs on It is so much fun to travel with him and learn so much, not only about how to improve my reporting skills but also about the area!

When I am not working with Dave I am at my “third place,” Starbucks where I work as a shift supervisor. I love my job and I actually get to work with sports here too! Regulars like the Rays head coach Joe Maddon, Lightning hockey players, and local high school sports stars come in on a regular basis. I find I am constantly learning and view everyday as a new adventure.

Another fun adventure I have embarked on is my quest to finish my first half marathon in February. Back in August I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. When I read the details of this race I knew it was my dream race and a great one to run in as my first long distance race. It’s at Disney World, one of my favorite places and is centered around the Disney Princesses (some of my childhood heroes!). I am so excited! I have always loved running but never really had a goal. Now I have a training plan and something to look forward to!

See, I told you so much in my life has changed. Prior to graduation this blog was centered around coffee. In some aspects it will still be since I work in the industry, but now you will get a glimpse of my exciting work with Dave and hear about my training! Thanks for following! I love feedback so let me know what you guys think!

2 thoughts on “News!

  1. Alexis! I stumbled across your blog while writing my review for “The Tipping Point” for Advanced Interactive Media! I’m so glad that you’re keeping up with your blog and that you’re doing well in Tampa! Please check out my blog when you have the time.

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