The Scoop on the Beans

I know it has been awhile since my last post and I am very apologetic! Graduation, working a 4am shift at the radio station, along with working 40 hours a week has kept me in a constant state of exhaustion! But have no fear as promised my blog is back and better than ever…so let me update you with the latest perspective on my latest coffee adventure!

Starbucks has brought back it’s beloved coconut flavor and Frappuccino Happy Hour, both of which people seem to love! I am a coconut lover and I must say this flavor does not disappoint! Starbucks is pairing it with mocha, creating an almost liquidized version of a Mounds bar. But the flavor by itself, with no other flavors added, tastes like a virgin Pina Colda (perfect for the summer heat!). If you are unsure about trying these flavors I recommend you go to Starbucks between 3-5 today until Sunday because all Frappuccinos, not just ones featuring the new coconut flavor are half-price (even though their just as good in a latte).

Along with the return of coconut, Starbucks has also brought back it’s Three Region Blend. This coffee is a mix of Starbucks first three coffees blends (African, Pacific, and Latin America). It has a very bold taste and the acidity is high. In my opinion the coffee is not as smooth as some of our other bolder blends but it is still a good combination. It goes well with anything lemony or anything with hints of fruit. My team and I tried it with our iced lemon loaf and the petite lemon square and it really brought out the different characteristics of each region.

So like always, there’s a lot going on at your local Starbucks so go out and try a half priced Frappuccino or a bolder blend of coffee this weekend! =)

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