The Coolest Classroom…Ever.

Downstairs in Weimer Hall at the University of Florida lies one of the coolest classrooms I’ve ever been in. This spacious room, known as the Center for Media Innovation and Research (CMRI) has MacBooks for every student, a huge front monitor, and a really big map of the world and it just overall awesome! I remember the first time I saw the CMRI last year.

I was struck by it’s appearance and then thought “Wow…I hope I can have a class in there someday,” and now here I am telling you about my experience in it! It’s a brand new classroom that opened in September of last year and was such a big accomplishment for the University of Florida that it even made it into the Student Alumni Association’s Annual Calendar (representing the month of December).

So…if you’re ever wondering through Weimer Hall and have a few minutes to spare. Head down to the basement and check out the CMRI…you won’t be disappointed! =)

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