It’s Easter in Starbucks!

Lately work has been kind of stressful…a lot of people have moved and quit over the past few weeks which means myself and my co-workers have been picking up the slack (working long hours). Usually I am pretty good at balancing work, school, and homework but lately working a 30 hour work week, going to school full time, working at both a tv and radio station, and finding time to get tv projects done has been stressful. Yesterday was the fifth consecutive day for me to work over seven hours at at Starbucks. 1)It was a Monday so it was already a hard day, 2)I have a huge tv project due on Friday that is not done, and 3) I have a sleeping problem…I never get into my “rem” sleep so I was pretty exhausted. The day seemed like it was going to drag on until THE Easter Bunny came to visit!!! That’s right…THE EASTER BUNNY (One of the benefits of working in the mall). It pretty much made mine and my co-barista Ashley’s day and as she would say “You are never to old to stop liking the Easter Bunny.” So we decided to do what any other mature college-aged adults would do…we took a picture with it! I can honestly the rest of my day was smooth sailing after that! =)

Ashley and I with the Easter Bunny!


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