Sunflowers and Other Fun Things

With the horrible weather Florida experienced yesterday my boyfriend decided to brighten my day a little by giving me some beautiful sunflowers…one of my favorite types of flowers! And while the majority of people where watching Grey’s Anatomy Musical Event, or the NIT Tournament, or MLB Opening Day games…we decided to go see “The Adjustment Bureau.”

My beautiful sunflowers

I have been wanting to see this movie for a while and the film did not disappoint. It was very interesting and even though it is a fictional movie it really made me think about what roles fate and free will have in our lives and how closely they are related. I know it’s silly but I am one of those people who really believe in fate and that every choice we make (aka free will) brings us to certain instances in our lives…which is just what the movie questions. If you are like me and have the same viewpoints and like a little romance then I think you will really enjoy “The Adjustment Bureau.”

As for today, the nasty weather is behind us, the majority of my homework is done…and work doesn’t come until later tonight. So hopefully I won’t be the victim of too many April Fool’s Day jokes and hopefully you won’t either! =)

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