A Brief Bio About Me: A Gator Girl From the Beginning

I was born and raised in the heart of Florida, where everyone in my neighborhood has Gator flags and college football season is like a national holiday. So it’s no surprise that I was brained washed from multiple outlets to sleep, eat, and breathe everything Gator related from the beginning…something I am very thankful for. In fact, some of my most prized memories involve some sort of Florida Gator event. One that especially stands out in my mind was when my dad took me to a Highlands Gator Club function. I was so excited because I got to put my Gator cheerleader uniform with my big orange and blue bow…AND Albert the Alligator (one of my childhood heroes) was going to be there! It was an awesome night!

My Dad and I at a Highlands County Gator Event

Besides instilling the love of the Gators in me, my parents have always told me and my two younger brothers to chase our dreams and to never sell ourselves short. My dad went to UF for dental school and one of my dreams was to follow in his footsteps and to attend his beloved alma mater. There were many speed bumps along the way but I made it here…and I can say with all my heart that my time at UF has been the best time of my life!

About 15 years later the Highlands County Gator Club gave me a scholarship when I got accepted to UF. My parents and I are on the far left.

I have learned so much about myself and the type of woman I want to become over the last few years and now that my time here is almost up it is bitter-sweet. I am ready to go out into the world and use all my knowledge and experiences to better those around me, but I don’t know if I am completely ready to end one of the most important chapters of my life yet…it’s scary! All I know is that the love and support of my Lord, my family, and my friends has helped me reach all of my dreams thus far and I know they will continue to do so as I go through life.

3 thoughts on “A Brief Bio About Me: A Gator Girl From the Beginning

  1. Other than growing up a Gator (although I’m completely converted now), I can TOTALLY relate! Graduation is kinda scary! Everything will fall into place, and I’m sure the future will be just as exciting as these last four years!

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  3. Alexis Willey! I can almost 100% guarantee you that I was at the very same Highlands Gator Event when you were a kid! And it is a very cute picture! I am so glad we got to be such good friends when we are both here at UF. You’re an awesome person and I know you have the greatest parts of your life ahead of you!

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