Let Me Tell You About One of My Best Friends

People always say the friends you meet in college will be the ones that stay with you as you go through life. When I came to UF I was really nervous I would not find the friends I have always heard people talk about. My best friend Brittaney was going to the University of Central Florida and even though Orlando is only two hours away I thought I’d never see her or find someone remotely close to her…and then I went to orientation and that all changed.

I remember seeing Katie and thinking I could be friends with her. Orientation came and went and before I knew it I was starting classes at my dream school. It only took me a couple of classes to realize that Katie was in pretty much every class of mine. We began to sit next to each other and talk and soon I got a Facebook friend request from her…and the rest is history.

Katie and I have now been pretty much inseparable since our first semester at UF together. We have gone on so many adventures (from Gator games to Spring Break) and helped each other get through so many television projects! Being able to call her and Brittaney my best friends…and having them in my life is truly a blessing!

Katie and I in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break 2011


One thought on “Let Me Tell You About One of My Best Friends

  1. I almost feel guilty commenting on a post you wrote about me! But if you wander on over to mine, you’ll see that I included my life-long best friend as well :). Where ever we go I know that we will always be on the phone filling each other in on life! ❤

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