The Mall that Cried Wolf

So the mall that I work at has a problem…it randomly likes to have fire drills where all the of the customers and employees must leave and wait outside until it has been declared “safe” to re-enter the building. Anyone who does not abide by this policy is given a written notice and could face monetary fees. It has become a joke among mall employees as to when the next fire alarm is going to go off.

On Monday the girl who works next door to Starbucks at ALDO shoes came in. We were all talking about how it had been a while since the last fire alarm had gone off and how odd it was that it hadn’t happened recently. Not even a minute later the alarms started sounding and the recorded message of “Can I have your attention please. This is not a drill…” began to ramble it’s message. We shut the gates and had a little break from work in the parking lot for 30 minutes.

I love the people I work with so it didn’t bother be to be in the blazing sun for a half hour, but it was apparently getting on one of my co-workers nerves and she had to have a cigarette if she was going to be outside against her own will. My boss told her she needed to take off her hat and apron if she wanted to smoke. So she promptly put her uniform on me…

I think the dopio cinnamin dolce breve espresso is a nice touch (which is by the way quickly becoming my favorite wake-up drink).

30 minutes later we were back in the mall and back to business as usual. Although these drills can be a pain in the butt sometimes I didn’t mind it on Monday, because the alarm went off right as my ten minute break ended…which allowed me to have 40 minutes off from making drinks =)

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