So I’ve been trying to see what other people think about the new Trenta size Starbucks is offering.  A lot of people who get Venti size teas and coffees don’t order the 31 ounce drink because they say it is too big. I can understand this…I just put my waters at work in the Trenta cup and can barely finish it in a shift. So while searching the web for some commentary on anything interesting pertaining to my job I found this gentleman’s site and the information he illustrates left me starstruck…I almost wish I would have been smart enough to think to do such an experiment.

I laughed at this…not only because it is ridiculous how big the drink is but also that at the end when the man puts the straw in the with wine it reminded me of an adult juicebox almost 😉 The gentleman might not have to wait for a wine at his local Starbucks…the company has been talking about incorporating wine into it’s offering at selected stores at specified times (although I’m sure they won’t be offering the Trenta has a wine cooler size).


2 thoughts on “Wow…

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