The Little Things

Although I love my job there are some days when I feel like the people who come into the store are there for one reason and one reason only…to make my life harder. When people don’t have their coffee they can be very cranky and they get even more cranky when their coffee isn’t exactly how they want it. At one time Starbucks would put little sayings on the back of their cups and called them “The Way I See It.” Even though Starbucks no longer prints these sayings on their cups I still find them heart-warming.

Yesterday during a rush at work we ran out of iced coffee and I did not realize this until a couple ordered two iced coffees. It takes five minutes to brew iced coffee so I asked the couple if they would be okay waiting five minutes. They said they were fine with waiting so I went on making other drinks all while keeping an eye on the coffee timer.

About four minutes later the wife came up to me while I had a line of drinks and in a very demanding tone asked me where her iced coffee was because she ordered it ten minutes ago. It took all I had to be polite to this woman after she talked to me so rudely but I somehow managed and even gave them coupons for free drinks the next time they visited Starbucks.

It’s times like these when I have to remember some of the sayings the cups used to say to get through the day. One particular saying I really find applicable while working with the public is to remember the world is smaller than I think and that the people on it are more beautiful than I think as well. I believe people are generally good and when they act or talk to me like the “Iced Coffee Lady” I need to realize that a person could be having a bad day and that their life is more complicated than just a cup of coffee.

The majority of the people I meet are happy and nice, but every now and then I catch somebody when they are having a bad day. Reminding myself of these little sayings helps me have a positive attitude when things get a little heated behind the bar.

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