Lots of Changes Coming to a Starbucks Near You!

The trenta compared to the venti.

Last week Starbucks introduced it’s newest and biggest size, the trenta. The trenta is 31 ounces and is only available for iced coffees and our iced teas. The reaction to the trenta has been very positive. Customers who buy our teas and iced coffees are in love with our bigger and better size and can now enjoy our delicious offerings even more! The only problem my store has had are the complaints from our avid frappuccino drinkers and their desire to have such a big size for their favorite treat. I personally am happy that the trenta is not for frappuccinos. The amount of calories for a 31 ounce frappuccino would probably induce one into a sugar coma!

Aside from the newest size, Starbucks is also introducing a new logo soon. The new label will just have the siren and will not have any writing on it. Starbucks’ logo has changed multiple times throughout the company’s history and the majority of the time has received positive feedback. Much like the new trenta, it will be interesting to see the feedback from the customers with the new logo.

The logos throughout the years.


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