Fresh Brewed Blog


While pondering what to write about on this blog page many questions crossed through my mind. What do I do on a regular basis? What do I find interesting? What is something I enjoy? After much thought I have come to the conclusion…my job!

I am a barista at a Starbucks and I love coffee! But to me my job is much more than serving someone a delicious cup of coffee. It’s taking those few seconds of interaction behind the bar and helping a customer escape from the everyday stresses of life by talking to a stranger with a smile on their face (aka me).

I have met so many people with amazing stories while donning my Starbucks uniform. Every time I come home from work I have a new story about someone I met at work or an interesting fact about Starbucks. What better way to tell the stories of my job than through a blog!?

So here it is…my Fresh Brewed Blog!

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